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Woodland Villa

New Design concept has implemented into this modern Villa at Woodland Residences project right on Hun Sen BLVD to make this house the unique one in the region, the indoor swimming pool with skylight and foldable cover which create a big platform for party that link from living space when the pool is unused. Not only this but the back house wall has extended to the max for bigger inside space with extra skylight and connect to his cat home. 

The Villa has maximized the use of the space for storage with 2 kitchens; one for the show and light cook and another for the real use. 

The existing 43m2 master bedroom has an unpractical use of space with small closet and feel so lost; hence, we reform into a cozy bedroom with massive walk-in closet, tv area and a small lounge.



Private (Singaporean)
Exterior Extension | Interior Design
Woodland Residences, Hun Sen Blvd., PP
Under Construction

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