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Duplex House

The project Is an colonial duplex house located in Olympic commune area place on the 2nd floor of the 2 story building. Total area size is 330 square meter include the roof space. 

Existing space is so dense and dark with limitation of lighting access hence, the main task for us is to brighten up the space to get more day light and good natural air flow. 2nd task is to have more storage and utilize all the space function to be more practical.

As it is an colonial building that has some key feature from the existing design we continue to implement and keep that in our design such as glass louver window and steel balusters on top of keeping the existing style and add on Khmer cements tile and French door style in to our design to embrace the whole colonial concept.



Private [Scottish]
Interior & Furniture Design
Olympic, Phnom Penh
Under Construction

Panorama_1st Floor_2023-05-22-10-51-01.jpg
Panorama_1st Floor_2023-05-22-10-58-07.jpg
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