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Arey Ksat Avenue

An approximately 4.600 sqm land is potentially established to an entertainment and business spot where this could bring a lot of activities for the local people and visitors to easily get new experience of live-play-work with more natures than a busy city as the location is not too far from Phnom Penh. 

Master Layout is facilitated functionally in a way to maximize the quantities (affordable for Arey Ksat people) equipped with reservation of future development for the developer. The developer is aiming to merch all the business to one community which this could be potentially attracted more visitors to discover the place.

A compound of commercial houses has been designed typically 5.5m x 9.7m in the plot of 5.2m x 14.5m land in a modern style with minimalism interior theme. The ground floor can be fully used as a commercial purpose. The first and second floor is used for residential purpose. Hence, there is a flexibility of merging first floor for business extension when needed. Roof top has been designing for future extension when family is getter bigger. Natural resources (light and wind) have been consumed naturally by skylight and vented block.



DB Group Co.,Ltd
Master Planning | Architectural Design
Arey Ksat, Kandal Province
Concept Design
| 2022

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