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St. Moul Sale Lounge

Our Developer Mekong Development Resort have a visual of using this tiny cozy space as an attraction point for clients, instead of using as a sale office for his new multipurpose living space project in ToulSangke district but he wants to turn into nice lounge where client will be provide some puzzles and hint of what is going to happen in his project.

The design of this tiny space must provide the same mood that client will receive if they are going to buy the property in ToulSangke.  The Design proposal to Eden lounge is focus more into earthy and nature colour which we call Japandi style, is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It is influenced by the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, a way of life which values slow-living, contentment and simplicity, as well as the Scandinavian practice of hygge, which embraces comfort, cosiness and wellbeing.



Mekong Resort Development
Interior Design | Furniture Design
Phnom Penh

Under Construction

Panorama_EDEN GARDEN INTERIOR 30.06.22_2022-12-28-10-55-11.jpg
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