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Villa 18B

Villa 18B is located in the Borey of Vimean Phnom Penh, Sen Sok. A home of a warm family which they are improving their living style to the greatness. The working room on the second floor was transformed into a comfortable master bedroom.

Client wants to bring nature into the room, therefor wood and stone are main elements in this design. A white ceiling layer can be transformed into a beautiful sky by using BlissLight Stargazer Bundle to comfort the user's feeling during nighttime. 
Walk-in Closet and Bathroom are hidden in the wall panel. You can recognize them when you open the door. Walk-in Closet is designed flexibly served for nursery purpose where the bed can be polled out and pushed in when needed. Master Bathroom is equipped with twin lavatories, rain shower and bathtub. A 3D Glass Partition is used to separate between the shower and the bathtub where this brings new atmosphere to the users.

An attic space, a mixed use of praying room and storage, was converted to a beautiful room for a pink lover daughter. She wants her room to be brighter as she claims that "I am afraid of ghost" which lead us to maximize as much as possible the window as well as skylight. The room is equipped with full functions for the owner where they can inspire, live, learn and play as a group and individual. 




Local Private
Interior Design | Furniture Design
Borey Vimean Phnom Penh
, Sen Sok
Completion |
 September 2022

Panorama_Master Bedroom villa B18 FINAL_2022-12-27-14-01-34.jpg
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